MY MIND STATE...something different

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MY MIND STATE...something different

Post by Grim » Tue Mar 29, 2011 4:51 am

My head’s twisted and mixed up…I’m a puzzle box
thought my mind was a boulder but it feels like a couple rocks…
Two different trains of thought.I try to make ‘em parallel.
But they circle each other like I’m riding on a carousel.
They’re polar opposites…they’ll never come together.
Ones wild and crazy…the other ones calm and clever..
One forgets a lot..and one always remembers..
One’s like “whatever” the other one never says never.
This is a constant struggle trying to maintain the balance.
Like an aging star trying to retain his talents.
So I’m let ‘em loose but only one at time.
mix ‘em like dope in my scripture. Get a hundred a line.
I gotta get ‘em moving…on the same path.
Combine the two of ‘em…that’s insane wrath
Cause one’s a deviant..the other one is devious..
I haven’t figured out..which one of ‘em the greediest.
One prefers to plead the fifth..the other one breathes in spliffs.
It’s amazing that my mind hasn’t exploded.blown wide open..
From these contrasting notions and conflicting emotions..
A vile and potent potion causing my brain’s errosion.
Total corrosion, chaos and comoation….
Dedication and devotion are the most vital traits..
Needed to keep “evil and good” allined straight.
Cause any sudden shift could change my mind state.
Which would more then likely raise my state’s crime rate..

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Re: MY MIND STATE...something different

Post by M33Kish » Tue Mar 29, 2011 12:28 pm

I like the structure, deep concept and the flow is tight.

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Re: MY MIND STATE...something different

Post by Static » Tue Mar 29, 2011 12:48 pm

i'm disrespectful and filled with hate
my life has handed me a permanent cynical mind state
the world handed me a perfectly clean slate
i said fuck it and shattered it
what does it matter if
i do the right thing
i'll never be as quick or as bright as striking lightning
can never give up, i can't stop trying
gotta keep hustling, i gotta keep grinding
but now i pop bottles and hop hollows in every direction
sun gleaming off my chain, you can see your reflection
i gave up on hating my self for all my mistakes
move forward, stay true, avoid all of the fakes
flow twisted like a wrap around some dro
i'm going harder then you could possible know
every word spoken is just a promise of whats to come
a crazy motherfucker, i'm steadily on the run

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Re: MY MIND STATE...something different

Post by Enders » Wed Feb 08, 2017 3:10 pm

It’s hard to look past today, but I guess that I have to
I wish I could ask the past what happened to the last you
We race time so much we missed the instant passed through
Grabbed you away and crashed through our lives
Now the glass that flashed as life poofed in front of our eyes
Is the same fuel I use for this coup I’m launching at life.
Pest wrote:
"Enders is an enigma wrapped inside of a paradox in the middle of a riddle"

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