4 thoughts on “Copywrite – Cremation (Asher Roth Diss)

  1. k copy is ill as fuck and honestly i think hes to goood to even stoop low enough to diss asher cuz lets face it he has way more skill as an mc, maybe not as much fame, but that doesnt mean shit, cuz asher roth makes music little girls can dance to and copy is straight ill as fuck. and anyways who wuld wanna bite ems new shit anyways i can see some1 btiing his old shit but his new shit is garbage

  2. The only reason asher is mainstream is cas em was gone for a min and this dude sounds exactly like em. if anybody listens to copywrite could tell he could give a shit about makin it mainstream and would rather make better music. REAL music not some college kid rippin off somebody who made it. personally i think copywrite should of saved his time cas nobody listens to real mcs anymore they just listen to what everybody else is cas its cool. i bet you can name a million plus people who know every word to that i love college song, but couldnt tell you one other song hes made or even the name of his mixtape. Although you cant hate on asher for making money off one stupid song. im just sayin the second em comes back this guys done, and if em goes after him with a diss his carrer will be over. the only reason copy didnt finish it is because nobody mainstream knows copy so many people havent heard him rip asher.

  3. Asher Roth has already had a more successful mainstream career than Copywrite and Copy has been doing this for a decade. It doesn’t take away the fact that Copy is still ill on the mic.

    Thanks for the comment.

  4. Well, I would put my money on Asher Roth, he seems like he would still have a better career despite this diss record; think Ether(Jay still had a waaaaaaaaayy better career than Nas) Like really, who’s even gonna hear this? lol. I was looking for a Gemstones mixtape on Google when I saw this.

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