DMX Back In Jail

November 19, 2010 DMX Back In Jail

Well, well, well… There seems to be a battle between T.I. & DMX.

DMX was arrested at his home last night in Phoenix for not checking in with his probation officer. No word as to whether he’s been released yet. DMX was just released from the same jail a few months ago, after serving 6 months on a Probation violation for substance abuse.

The night before, he spontaneously attacked Jay-Z during a show in his current hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona. The next day he had his probation officer shaking his shoulder at the edge of his bed. Karma? All this, right as DMX devoted himself to the studio and began making new music, putting out a new track with Busta Rhymes and Swizz Beatz “Ya’ll Don’t Really Know.” Check it out below… Still no word on when DMX will be released.


DMX – What You’ll Know

5 thoughts on “DMX Back In Jail

  1. It seems like he cant keep himself out of jail. Maybe he just needs to get out of the country when he gets out and find himself or something in a place where he won’t be bothered by the media and where he won’t be around the stuff that gets him in trouble…

  2. How many times has he been locked up over the last few years. He must really like it in jail for some reason.

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