October 24, 2010 MTV’s Hottest MC List 2010 (1-10)

MTV’s Hottest MC List 2010 (1-10)

MTV’s hottest MC list for 2010 is finally complete. After the outrage that followed last years list (that didn’t include Eminem) its no surprise who tops the list.

Eminem was in full Recovery mode in 2010. He dropped early and set the landscape for the rest of the year. His singles with Rhianna and Lil Wayne easily topped the billboard charts. And did I mention that he had a number one record?

Jay Z carried his momentum from his memorable Blueprint 3 year to 2010. He rocked guest spots with Drake, performed with Eminem, and had a vintage Jay verse about the illuminati with Rick Ross.

Kanye West made an epic return at the VMA’s. He impressed the crowd with his performance of Run Away. His single Power has made a powerful statement on the radio. And with Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy set for November 22nd, Kanye West is doing it big.

Drake finally stepped up his game from the mixtape level to the albums. Thank Me Later was one of the biggest records of 2010.

1. Eminem
2. Jay-Z
3. Kanye West
4. Drake
5. Rick Ross
6. Nicki Minaj
7. Lil Wayne
8. Waka Flocka
9. B.o.B
10. Ludacris

Rick Ross

Kanye West or Drake?

Eminem or Jay Z

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3 thoughts on “MTV’s Hottest MC List 2010 (1-10)

  1. This list is senseless. Wocka flocka on there is senseless, hes not a drake rookie. kanye hasnt done shit but stingles still hit hard. see the list as not in order as just being up there. give wayne more credit than that for getting a number one like pac IN JAIL. bob shud be higher if it was in order and rick Ross should not be on this list until he makes another port of Miami and your missing Nas and Damien Marley. they should be on there together replacing wocka flocka or rick ross

  2. this list is shit no joke!!!Wayne Should Have that number 1!!sot on the list Kanye hasnt done shit!!!just cus he made dat fagget ass movie Jay-Z hasnt either nikki hasnt even dropped an album Eminem goes Haer bt is still Lame and Rick Ross has never been Better den Wayne

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