March 20, 2009 Stephen Colbert vs Michael Steele – Battle

Stephen Colbert vs Michael Steele – Battle

The battle has finally happened between Stephen Colbert and Michael Steele. Well, that is not entirely true, in this video, Michael Steele, the republican national chairman takes on Colbert in a rap battle with Michael’s “verses” being meshed together by Colbert’s producers from various TV appearances and speeches.

The hip hop lyrics were political by nature and featured many references to various media headlines over the past few months. I would have to categorize the two rappers as conscience emcees, Talib Kweli esk, with decent wordplay, but their rhyme schemes were weak.

< Steven Colbert admits in the end that Michael Steele was too much for him. I will have to disagree, by breaking down the categories below. Personals: Colbert Flow: Colbert Presence: Colbert Delivery: Colbert Swagger: Colbert Wordplay: Colbert Metaphors: Colbert Rhyme Scheme: Michael Overall: Steven Colbert

One thought on “Stephen Colbert vs Michael Steele – Battle

  1. It’s pretty hard to beat Michael Steele on flow.
    You’d be hard pressed to find an entertainer, let alone a politician who uses slang as carefree as Steele does.

    and it’s “Stephen” not Steven.

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