September 22, 2009 Whoo Kid – Relapse 2 Is Insanity

Whoo Kid – Relapse 2 Is Insanity

As always you have to take what DJ’s say with a grain of salt when they are talking about an upcoming album. Relapse 2 still doesn’t have a release date, but its expected to drop at the end of this year or early 2010.

“The comeback is crazy,” Whoo Kid said about Em’s return in May with Relapse. “What I really laughed at was the Mariah Carey [dis record]. That was funny. But that’s nothing compared to Relapse 2. What I heard, that’s just 2 percent [of the intensity]. Eminem from back in the day has returned. The crazy, lyrical, maniacal Eminem is back. Maniac!”

Whoo Kid said the difference between Relapse and Relapse 2 is the level of insanity.

“He was maniacal, but that was like, ‘Let me come back now. Let me get my sh– situated. Who I gotta go at? Let me see what’s going on. Let me get comfortable.’ Now that he’s comfortable, now he’s gonna be like [a monster] in Relapse 2. Good luck, people.”

Whoo Kid also had Lloyd Banks on his radio show this past weekend, and the Punch Line King told him to expect a double mixtape dropping soon.

Source: MTV – Mixtape Daily

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