2 thoughts on “50 Cent ft. M.I.A – Paper Planes (Remix)

  1. 50 –yeah
    Am the greatest
    First hit, first shot
    Then here the 2nd shot,
    Tiny hit 3rd shot
    See a nikka drop
    Then here the 4th shot
    Then here the 5th shot
    .38 can provide only whole six shots
    U know a robbery can turn into homicide
    Nikka dun cooperate, break em off copper light
    B4 I spend it,
    Nikka mu can spend all night,
    Plain operation, not communicating
    On the table bruising, respiratory breathing 4 ya
    Bitchass, summertime is the killer season,
    A lil henny make the nikka wanna spray, dead nikka site some,
    Mofuker strifend, a flash jury be known nikka some,
    Until the death strapping get blown 4 the money
    Some got god aim. some got bad aim, so itz bang bang,
    Itz all part 0f the game
    Every hood itz the same,
    Different faces, different names,
    Different food, different gangs,
    Different dishes,itz the same

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