March 28, 2008

50 Cent On Album, Politics, Video Game, Website

50 Cent sits down with MTV and explains his take on a lot of issues including his previous album, Curtis.

Curtis claims that if “I Get Money” was the first record released off the “Curtis” album, it would have sold millions.

He says, that racism still exists, and that’s why, he says we might not be ready for a black president.

He speaks on G Unit and what he thinks about the direction of them.

He knows this because of his experience with his grandparents and what they say and their experiences.

He says, he doesn’t really care what people say about him, so anything can be posted on the site.

He likes looking like a super hero. And that reputations are always bigger than the actual person.

He talks about his new video game and says it’s “Grand Theft Auto” meets “Out Run”.

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