August 16, 2007

50 Cent Speaks To Kay Slay About Video Leak

50 Cent recently said to Kay Slay that Interscope isn’t angry at Interscope and feels they are doing what they did with his first albums.

This comes down in contradiction of a report that said he ripped a plasma TV from an office wall and threw his mobile through a window – yelling out, “You’re f*cking everything up, you’re messing up my look, my album, so you know what, I’m on f*cking vacation now. F*ck you and f*ck Interscope.”

50 Cent said this to Kay Slay.

“The process has been ill for me this go-around,” 50 later told Kay Slay on New York’s Hot 97 radio station.

“I usually have to start a project myself, as far as Interscope. I got to lead. On the first album, ‘Wanksta’ just took off before ‘In Da Club’ came about. When we got to The Massacre, I leaked ‘Disco Inferno’ and they caught up with ‘Candy Shop.’

“This album, I threw ‘Straight To The Bank’ out there, and ‘Amusement Park’ was the joint they were supposed to assist me with going after. But when that came, it grew at the same pace that ‘Straight To The Bank’ grew. And I was like, yo, it don’t feel like it’s a difference in the support for the actual record.”

The video has apparently been removed from youtube but still can be found on the Internet.

Video clips of “Follow My Lead” can be found on most hip-hop websites. We will wait though.

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