November 14, 2007 Alicia Keys – As I Am – Release Reminder

Alicia Keys – As I Am – Release Reminder

Alicia Keys is back with a new album, As I Am, it was released November 13th.

This is the R&B/soul singers third album. Her first two received tremendous praise throughout the hip hop community and beyond.

Anyways, go pick up the album, Illest will keep you updated with all the latest news on Alicia Keys.


1. “As I Am (Intro)” (Alicia Keys) – 1:52

2. “Go Ahead” (Alicia Keys, Kerry Brothers, Mark Batson, Marsha Ambrosius) – 4:35

3. “Superwoman” (Alicia Keys, Linda Perry, S. Moysten) – 4:34

4. “No One” (Alicia Keys, Kerry Brothers, George Harry) – 4:13

5. “Like You’ll Never See Me Again” (Alicia Keys, Kerry Brothers) – 5:15

6. “Lesson Learned” (featuring John Mayer) (Alicia Keys, John Mayer) – 4:13

7. “Wreckless Love” (Alicia Keys, Harold Lily, Jack Splash) – 3:52

8. “The Thing About Love” (Alicia Keys, Linda Perry) – 3:49

9. “Teenage Love Affair” (Alicia Keys, Harold Lily, Jack Splash, Josephine Bridges, Carl Mitchell Hampton, Tom Nixon) – 3:10

10. “I Need You” (Alicia Keys, Mark Batson, Harold Lily, Paul Green) – 5:09

11. “Where Do We Go from Here” (Alicia Keys, Kerry Brothers, Harold Lily, Johnnie Frierson, Mary Lou Cross) – 4:10

12. “Prelude to a Kiss” (Alicia Keys) – 2:07

13. “Tell You Something (Nana’s Reprise)” (Alicia Keys, Kerry Brothers, Paul Green, Novel, S. Moysten) – 4:28

14. “Sure Looks Good to Me” (Alicia Keys, Linda Perry) – 4:31

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