June 8, 2011 Bad Meets Evil – Fastlane Video

Bad Meets Evil – Fastlane Video

Apologies for the long delay, it’s time we get back on our game just like Royce Da 5’9 and Eminem. Bad Meets Evil tortures the competition with this brilliant and unapologetic lyrical contest.

Bad Meets Evil – Hell The Sequel EP has leaked to the internet and is been praised by just about everybody for the incredible lyrical content, wordplay and metaphors that are used throughout the whole EP.

Word is that Detox is on the its way too. Looks like Slim Shady Records is really resurrecting itself with the Slaughterhouse album coming soon too.

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One thought on “Bad Meets Evil – Fastlane Video

  1. This song is awesome. I had never really heard anything prior to this from Royce, but Maaaaan have I been missing out. Shady Records take over anyone?

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