March 28, 2009 Bill Maher – Christopher Hitchens – Mos Def On Al Qaeda

Bill Maher – Christopher Hitchens – Mos Def On Al Qaeda

Intellectual writer, Christopher Hitchens, writer of “God Is Not Great” among other notable works such as “Thomas Jefferson: Author of America”, debates the influential hip hop artist Mos Def.

The subjects include Iran, Afghanistan, Al Qaeda, nuclear enrichment, alcohol, and marijuana.


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27 thoughts on “Bill Maher – Christopher Hitchens – Mos Def On Al Qaeda

  1. I was hoping Mos would spit some science on this but all he had to say was ‘I think for myself’ & ‘I don’t believe what I hear in the News’

    OK, so what do you beleive about the Middle East? What lies have we been told about Sharia Law? Are woman really treated okay over there? Are Homosexuals and other minorities treated fairly? Is all the stuff we hear about people being stoned to death just made up by whitie to keep our eastern brothers down?

    I wonder is Ashata would think all this stuff we hear about Sharia Law and women is just made up by the news to keep poor people down…

  2. Mos Def came across as a blathering fool. He made outlandish statements of the first order. When he wasn’t cutting of the other two speakers, one of whom being a world class novelist, and the other a seasoned public intellectual, he was planting his face in his palm looking bored out of his mind.

    The guy is a total flake and shouldn’t have been placed on that panel. He can’t speak in full sentences, he can’t string together a statement without sounding like a cave man, and he doesn’t show any respect to the other speakers.

  3. See alot of people trash talking Mos..

    Just wanna say got the utmost respect for standing up to T-bag…

    Mos wasnt scared to ask a question where others would be.. I mean for real how many people pretend to know shit.. ‘keeping up appearances’, ‘saving face’ etc..

    Mos was right about holding his ground for the freedom to think, feel, speak what he does.. Every m*f has an opinion/idea and he’s aloud to have his.

    The truth about what I see in that T-bag, a pretty miserable person.. A hater to be blunt.. Like Katt Williams puts it- they hate cause good shit never happened to them!!

    I reckon Mos is the man cause whatever happens his willingness to learn keeps him humble…

    Much Much much much much much much RESPECT!!!!!

  4. I agree Mos Def didnt get his point across well, but if the other guys cared to listen they would have easily got what he was trying to say.
    I found hitchens rather condescending, and Im glad Mos stood his ground and didnt give in to that.
    Hitchens and Rushdie came across as trying to look knowledgeable (which they sure may be) rather than explain things in a straight forward way.

  5. Mos Def offered the down to earth, if you mean I’ve never read a book just thought what makes the most sense to me opinion yes. He did represent the Im a dumb ass and I just say what makes sense in my dumbass world without any attempt to validate or verify those with evidence. Mos Def is going to sit there and tell Rushdie whats what in the Middle East. That’s not only ignorance that’s arrogance. Rushdie spent years in hiding because the Ayatollahs put a hit on his head for writing a book!

  6. Eric Dyson would have been a better choice for that week if they could get him to shut up a little more.

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