January 22, 2009 Bill O Reilly Has An Issue With Jay Z

Bill O Reilly Has An Issue With Jay Z

As we reported earlier Bill O Reilly has a new beef with the hip hop community or more specifically Jay Z. Dennis Miller — well-known comedian– also chimes in on Young Jeezy and Jay Z plus Obama’s inauguration.

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One thought on “Bill O Reilly Has An Issue With Jay Z

  1. Freedom of speech give people the right to express there feeling over things you may need to listen to more raps and lyrics to understand more about rap then critizes any thing bill oreilly suck a d**k and dennis miller wash up comedian who is not funny and never was just need to except the fact that we have a black president. let the man do his job and stop dwelling on the Bush administration that did stop alqida but destroyed the courtry in the process

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