August 17, 2009 C Murder Sentenced To Life

C Murder Sentenced To Life

C Murder has been sentenced to life for the murder of a sixteen year old kid. He was originally found guilty of the killing in 2002. The rapper appeared in court today with chains and shackles. C Murder is the brother of Master P.


Rap star Corey “C-Murder” Miller was officially sentenced to life in prison today (August 14) for killing a 16-year-old teenager inside a Jefferson Parish nightclub. On Tuesday (August 11) a jury found Miller guilty of shooting and killing Steven Thomas inside of the club, after an altercation with Miller and several other men in January of 2002.

Miller’s attorney Ron Rakosky asked Judge Jans Liljeberg for a retrial, but the judge refused the request yet again, paving the way for Miller, 38, to be sentenced to life in prison, without the possibility of parole.

The rapper was originally found guilty of the shooting in 2002, but the verdict was overturned when it was learned that prosecutors hid the criminal records of several witnesses from the defense.

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2 thoughts on “C Murder Sentenced To Life

  1. LMAO yea I agree you know a bullet only cost like $.45 fuck some $23,000 KILL HIM and the rest of the ppl in jail if you did some so bad that you have to post where you are living(Child rape) or kill someone you should DIE why should we pay for your stupid ass senx them to war lol

  2. Good ! I hope he gets life without and spends the rest of his days rotting in jail cell. My only regret is that my tax dollars will pay to keep him there, when there are so many other things the money should be used for. average cost to house an inmate per year $23,000.

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