April 13, 2009 Classified – Self Explanatory – Leaks

Classified – Self Explanatory – Leaks

Classified’s latest album Self Explanatory has leaked to the internet. The underground Canadian rapper has earned praise over the last decade plus with his lyrical tenacity and ability to cover a wide variety of subjects.

I’m a couple days late with this leak, but any classified fans need to know this album is about to be released.




01. Self Explanatory
02. Get Out The Way
03. CYOA 1
04. Up All Night
05. Quit While Youre Ahead Ft Choclair, Maestro and Moka Only
06. Inspiration
07. CYOA 2
08. Anybody Listening
09. They Call This (Hip Hop) Ft Royce 59 and B.O.B.
10. Oh…Canada
11. CYOA 3
12. Where Are You Ft Saukrates
13. Trouble
14. Use To Be Ft Mic Boyd
15. Breaking Up
16. One Track Mind Ft Joel Plasket
17. CYOA 4
18. Things Are Looking Up Ft Chad Hatcher
19. Still Got It
20. Loonie Ft D-Sisive, Shad K, Dl Incognito and Buck 65
21. CYOA 5



Anybody Listening

Leak Date

April 8th, 2009

Release Date

April 14th, 2009

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