May 14, 2007

Don Imus Isn’t Hip-hop

The man writing this article is not your average thug, pimp, or crack dealer.

Actually I am a white male from Maine with deep thoughts, strong convictions, and even Morals!

Hip-hop has done it again. Yes. They have been blamed for this latest scandal with “alleged racist” Don Imus.

In my opinion, if alleged doesn’t imply racist than we are using the wrong terminology.

Anyway I think the mainstream media should trademark the term “Hip-hop is to blame”. Let me explain how I reached this conclusion.

First of all, I want to make it perfectly clear that I don’t support racists. I think, Don Imus’s comments were unexplainable.

I’ll catch you up just in case you have been living in a cave. Don Imus is a radio personality for the media giant Msnbc.

He is known for controversial comments over his arguably illustrious thirty year radio career. He has consistently made belittling comments about race,gender, and ethnicity.

Basically we should not be shocked by his latest disparaging remarks regarding the astounding womens basketball team Rutgers, who irrelevantly made it to the finals after an unprecedented season.

The coach for the Rutgers basketball team said in a press conference Tuesday that the team is the real story. Unfortunately are media will never cover anything good.

Don Imus stated during his radio broadcast of the basketball game, that the girls were “nappy headed hoes”. I would not paraphrase such a comment. He actually said that.

Subsequently Msnbc has suspended Don Imus for two weeks. I would have fired him.I wouldn’t want my company represented by a man, who is going to use my on-air timeto discriminate against races.

Two weeks is just enough time to get the media attention off him as well, isn’t that coincidental?

The paradox in the media is controversy sells. Msnbc might not like his comments right now but in the long run its going to increase ratings.

Increased ratings means lucratively speaking they are going to be profitable because of this scandal. I guess that’s a good enough reason not to fire him.

I would like to mention Al Sharpton has got involved as well. He has been very out-spoken about this matter, as usual when it comes to racism.

Al Sharpton deserves respect from any perspective you look at it. I see a lot of “hip-hop heads”, who want to deprecate the man. You’re criticism is unfounded, ridiculous, and most likely ignorant.

He has done more for the black community and the United States in the last two years, as a whole than we will probably do in our lifetime.

That gives you something to contemplate though. He might enjoy his celebrity status but he deserves it.

Now it’s time for me to ironically criticize Al Sharpon and the media. Though they have nothing to be embarrassed about in my opinion.

They have been going on a tear of hip-hop in this semantic battle. Even Don Imus himself mentioned hip-hop being an antagonizer of his racist comments, which is more despicable than I care to elaborate on.

We as hip-hop heads need to remember the view is a lot different from the outside. If you’re not involved with the culture of hip-hop, you will see it from a completely different perspective.

The media has mentioned consistently about the belittling remarks in seemingly every song on the radio.

This is absolutely true and can’t be denied. Glenn Beck recently quoted lines from the popular song by Ludacris titled “Hoes”.

He went on to call the lyrics offensive, which they are. The younger generation may not find them to be but it really can’t be argued.

A hoe is basically a synonym for s***. Technically I should have to use the asterisks for hoe as well. Than again that’s just my opinion.

Allow me to retort back at their argument with one simple word “reality”. Yes. The reality is the fact that these kind of people do exist.

They are not secluded to the corners of New York City either. These kind of people are everywhere.

If you’re allowed to insult someones entire life on a live broadcast or it’s accepted by society in general.

Than don’t condescend yourself by not allowing other comments to be made. Of course only if these accusations are actually true.

We have to be able to allow all attributes of a person to be criticized.

I have seen numerous Journalist, who last time I checked were suppose to be unbiased, make barbarous comments about Anna Nicole Smith.

These conclusions maybe true but they are compassionless. I forgot the place in society where we lost compassion. I personally think that’s an even bigger issue to deal with.

Ironically these same exact people are castigating hip-hops lyrics. They are being completely contradictory of themselves because they are admitting these type of people (Anna Nicole Smith) that Hip-Hop insults are a part of society.

They are implying that she was a “s***” to put it bluntly. You don’t need a masters in english to break down them semantic barriers down.

If you want to debate about music videos than you’re wasting your time. The girls in these videos are simply actors.

Even better most of the rappers are actors who go home to a monogamous relationship.

Now I’m going to take the counter-argument, which is stronger than the average reader might think. These lyrics are affecting are children.

I ask the people reading this if they think a thirteen year old can distinguish all that I’ve mentioned in this article.

Basically put if we use these lyrics the kids who will get these cds are going to repeat them. They are going to generalize girls.

Honestly, I believe a thirteen year old kid will reach conclusions about girls. This will probably affect his relationships with girls, which is essential in mental development.

I don’t think that a thirteen year old would kill because of lyrics though. I think mentally sane teenagers who listen to rap will able to establish the difference between writing about killing and actually doing it.

I don’t think the same can be said about girls. From my experience girls being belittled by teenagers and men in general is a very accepted practice.

Actually you could make that argument that hip-hop is just reiterating that fact and making it much more in your face.

Teenagers look up to rappers as role models whether our culture will admit it or not. They have everything a teenager deems important at his age e.g., money, cars, and lots of girls.

Remember these teenagers will not be able to differentiate between materialistic and realistic.

Now you got Don Imus, who is around seventy years old, if I’m not mistaken. Specifically insulting girls that did absolutely nothing.

They never instigated the comments. The comments are completely frivolous. You really can’t blame hip-hop.

This is just one man, who apparently isn’t much smarter than a twig, making his beliefs known.

My conclusion is simple. I didn’t need to write this article to reach it. Hip-hop has nothing to d
o with randomized and uncalled for comments by a seventy year old man.

I think, Hip-hop is irresponsible when it comes to their duties as role-models but they are getting money.

Hip-hop is used as an example for so many of societies problems, in general, because its in your face.

Reality is very cold when it puts its voice through your child’s speakers.

I’m a first amendment advocate though.

I would never tell a rapper to stop rapping about something.

I wouldn’t tell Don Imus he doesn’t have the right to say the racist statements.

If you don’t want to hear it than don’t listen to them.

Eventually you will see a change in the industry. I’m looking forward to the day you stop buying the music.

Just remember always look at the bigger picture.

A readers side note. I am completely hypocritical of my own statements. I thoroughly enjoy the song “hoes” by Ludacris. The song has great bass and a precise flow.

I am also fully aware of the songs lyrics. I can examine them to full extent and tell you they would have a negative effect on irresponsible young kids.

Hence rap albums actually being for a more mature audience.

In general I listen to much more conscience music. Unfortunately big business has monopolized hip-hop, which means you will not get the most high technology music thats creative, original, and conscience.

I’m a responsible adult though and just like the ability to smoke cigarettes is available to me. I am allowed to listen to more provocative music once in a while.

The problem is our one dimensional culture doesn’t want you to listen to anything but provocative music.

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