March 23, 2009 Doom – Born Like This – Leaks

Doom – Born Like This – Leaks

MF Doom’s first album under his new moniker Doom has been released. The LP is self described as his “definitive album… encapsulating but surpassing all of his previous work”. Doom is already one of the most praised underground rappers with an enormous discography. Lex Records will be releasing this album, don’t be lazy, go out and cop it like a real hip hop fan that you claim to be.




01. Supervillain Intro (Prod. By Doom) (Co-Prod. By & Feat. Mr. Chop)
02. Gazzillion Ear (Prod. By J Dilla)
03. Ballskin (Prod. By Jake One)
04. Yessir! (Feat. Raekwon) (Prod. By Doom)
05. Absolutely (Prod. By Madlib)
06. Rap Ambush (Prod. By Jake One)
07. Lightworks (Prod. By J Dilla)
08. Batty Boyz (Prod. By Doom)
09. Angelz (Feat. Tony Starks) (Prod. By Doom)
10. Cellz (Prod. By Doom) (Co-Prod. By & Feat. Mr. Chop)
11. Still Dope (Feat. Empress Starhh Tha Femcee) (Prod. By Doom)
12. Microwave Mayo (Prod. By Jake One)
13. More Rhymin’ (Prod. By Jake One)
14. That’s That (Prod. By Doom)
15. Supervillainz (Feat. Kurious, Mobonix & Slug) (Prod. By Doom) (Co-Prod. By & Feat. Mr. Chop)
16. Bumpy’s Message (Feat. Bumpy Knuckles) (Prod. By Doom) (Co-Prod. By & Feat. Mr. Chop)
17. Thank Yah (Prod. By Doom)


MF DOOM – Ballskin

That’s that

Leak Date

March 21st, 2009

Release Date

March 24th, 2009

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