July 30, 2009 Eminem – The Warning – Mariah Carey – Nick Cannon Diss

Eminem – The Warning – Mariah Carey – Nick Cannon Diss

Everybody might have forgot that Eminem has made some of the best diss tracks in the history of hip hop. This is the Eminem that everybody wants to hear. No funny voice, just raw lyrics and painful disses at Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Who did they think they were messing with?

I’ll give you a quick run down of the developments of this situation thusfar. Eminem started the beef by alleging that he had a relationship with Mariah, which she denied. He referenced this situation on a few tracks, think “Superman”, in a subliminal manner, but on his latest album Relapse, he exploded with the track “Bagpipes from Baghdad”, that directly attacked the singer for her antics and stated that she was a whore. A couple weeks ago she released a single that tagged Eminem as an obsessed fan, sort of flipping the tables on Em, with a Stan esk theme. Now, Em has returned with some true fire, accent free, and almost all joking aside.


Eminem – The Warning – Mariah/Nick Diss

You can check out the video for Obsessed at youtube. You know, record labels don’t let you embed most of their content, frankly because they are stupid.

Mariah Carey – Obsessed

What do you think, should Eminem release all the phone conversations or do you think that is too personal. Do you think that Em has already crossed the line. I’m interested to know what you think.

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20 thoughts on “Eminem – The Warning – Mariah Carey – Nick Cannon Diss

  1. Oh and I’m not dissing Mariah because I’m a hater or whatever. I actually like some of her music and have since I was a kid. Hero being my favorite. She just needs to do a “no comment” on this and leave it alone. Because she said Em’s a mom and pop and she’s a corporation? Shes crazy!

  2. I think MC should have just been the bigger person and let what he said about her go. The truth hurts and that’s why she’s so upset. It’s not like he hasn’t done this a million times to other people. She was to scared to actually come out and admit the song was about him, I mean come on, for real. He actually has enough balls to name you and Nick! & to the person who said she should come out with some songs to fuck him over, finding out shit she could about him. GO AHEAD, I’d love to hear those voicemails and see those pictures. It sounds to me like she doesn’t have shit on him, and he could ruin her. Oh and a life lesson, ALWAYS keep the psycho shit (ie voicemails, dirty pictures), it’s called blackmail. haha.


  3. like thiss diss. its on hit i aiint gon lie. thiss waht i like to hear from em. bt mcs respected in thee game && still will be when thiss bull issh is ova. && thatss on araytang…

  4. Eminem get a life. Saving old ass voicemails?? Sounds like an obsessed stalker! Poor Em Mariah must’ve really hurt his feelings lmao!

  5. And the dumb people who say eminem doesnt even know Mariah is retarded why would he go through all this trouble if he didint this would of never happened id that cunt just would of said they had something together cause obviously if he has nude pictures it happened Fuck MC the king is back

  6. Fucking Amazing can he get any better? i bet u he didint even try when he tore that bitch apart it was probably just a freestyle HA! i bet it took MC fucking a year to right her song eminem is amazing this is what he does . Is she really dumb enough to think she can out diss eminem She really must be a Slut bitch cunt

  7. Mariah is nooo queen, and deserved everything eminem gave her. She needs to stop making music because no one important wants to hear it anymore. Eminem by far has killed every song he’s ever been on, tell me what she’s done.

  8. EM is a idiot – He disrespected his mother, wife and now Mariah – he acts gay if you ask me – maybe that is why he is so homophobic – he is a idiot – and i applaud mariah for always standing up for herself and fighting back but in a funny way – EM is just mad – which makes him look like a liar!

  9. Don’t diss Eminem he is the greatest of all time you’re jealous because your not as good as him

  10. Eminem really is obsessed. He claims he will release nude pictures of mariah. Nt 2 mention voicemails. Is that blackmail or obsession. I’m sorry but the rapper has lost it. She actually makes him look stupid

  11. Fuck em he aint got shit on mariah. She is the number one queen and will always be that. I hope she comes out with a track that fucks him over for good! I use to be a fan of ems but now he’s just some stupid ass that doesn’t got shit to do but make jokes about people he don’t even know. Personally if I was mariah then I would do 3 tracks talking as much shit as she can find and then just get over it. I hope she finds out about this song before she releases her album. That way she can tweek a few things about this ass hole and then change the cd name to “Eminem Who?”

  12. Some of these might not be right I stole them from youtube.


    [Verse 1]
    Sit back homie relax
    In fact grab a six pack
    Kick back while I kick facts
    Yea Dre sick track
    Perfect way to get back
    Wanna hear something whick-whack?
    I got the same exact tat thats on Nicks back
    I’m obsessed now
    Oh gee is that supposed to be me
    In the video with the goatee
    Well Mariah didn’t expect you to go balls out
    Bitch shut the fuck up before I put em phone calls out
    In my house when you was whiling out
    Before Nick when you was on my dick
    And give you something to smile about
    How many times did you fly to my house still trying to count
    You better shut your lying mouth
    If you don’t want Nick grinding out
    You probably think if its been so long
    If I had something on you I would of did it by now
    Oh on the contrary Marry Poppins
    I’m mixing in the studio session
    And sending it to mastering to make it loud
    Enough dirt on you to murder you
    This is what the fuck I do
    Mariah did it ever occur to you that I still have pictures
    However you prefer to do and that goes to Nick too faggit
    You think im scarred of you
    You gonna ruin my career
    You better get one
    Like i’m gonna sit and fight with you
    Over some slut, bitch, cunt
    That made me pull a pshyco ass over six months
    And only spread her legs to lettme hit once
    Yea what you gonna say im lucky
    Tell the public that I was so ugly
    That you fucking had to be drunk to fuck me
    Second base what the fuck you telling Nick punk
    In the second week we were dry humping
    Thats gotta count for something
    Listen girly
    Surely you don’t want me to talk about how I leaved early
    Cuz I ejaculated prematurly
    And bust all over your belly
    And you almost started hurling
    And said I was grose and go get a towel your stomach is curling?
    Or maybe you do
    But if i’m embarassing me i’m embarassing you
    And don’t you dare say it isn’t true
    As long as this song is getting airplay im dissing you
    I’m a hair away from getting carried away and getting sued
    I was gonna stop at 16 that was 32 this is 34 bars
    We ain’t even third of the way trough
    Damn Slim Mariah played you, Mariah who?
    Oh did I say whore, Nick then im a liar too
    Like i’ve been going off on you all this time for no reason
    Girl you out your alcoholic mind
    Check you’re wine seller
    Look at the ammounts of wine
    Like I sit around and think about you all the time
    Might as think this shit is funny when I pound you on a rime
    But fuck it now im about to draw the line
    And for you to cross it thats a mountain
    That I doubt you wanna climb
    I can describe areas of your house you wouldn’t find
    On an episode of Cribs
    A blow below the ribs
    If I hear another word so don’t go opening your jibs
    Cuz everytime you do it’s like and overload of fibs
    I ain’t saying this shit again hoe you know what it is
    It’s a warning shot before I blow up your whole spot
    Call me bluffin’
    I release every fucking think I got
    Including the voice mails right before you flipped your chop
    When me and Louis were trying to stick two CDs in the same spot

    [Mariah] Slim Shady some people doubt ya,
    Slim Shady some people doubt ya,
    I love you

    [Verse 2]
    I love you too
    Lettme whisper sweet nuthings into your ear boo
    Now what you say [It’s nothing]
    Yes, so what i’ll do
    Is refresh your memory when you said [I wan’t you]
    Now should I, keep going or should we call truce
    [You think you’re cute right?]
    You bet your sweet ass I do
    [I’m Marry Poppins B]
    And i’m superman oh
    [Mary P Slim Shady]
    Coming at you
    So if you still be my [Baby girl]
    Then i’ll still be your [Superhero]
    [Oh my Em] Yea im right here
    [You like this] Nope not anymore dear
    It cuts like [Knife] when I tell you get a [Life]
    But im moving on with mine Nick is that your wife?
    Well tell her to shut her mouth than i’ll leave her alone
    If she don’t [Stick to the script] then imma just keep going

  13. That song is AMAZING!!! Loved every minute of it!! I know a few chicks that this could apply to across the globe!! Way to go EM!

  14. Mariah Carey sucks! why should we even listen to what she says when she is irrelevant! i cant wait until eminem disses her again

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