July 25, 2007 Is Lil Wayne Gay?

Is Lil Wayne Gay?

The mainstream and underground have been asking an essential question as of late. Is Lil Wayne Gay? What do you think?

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Lil Wayne’s lawyer recently said he was in the [tour] bus in his boxer shorts with several other people, unless his boxer shorts had a pocket for this gun, I don’t understand how he had it on him.

Now, if we examine that statement thoroughly. We will all come to the conclusion there was other guys in just “boxer shorts”.

The other evidence that we have so far is the “image of him kissing baby”. In one interview, Lil Wayne claimed they kissed like father and son.

As weird as that sounds alone. It seems to me that the kiss was more romantic.

Lil Wayne loves Nelly.

A lot of people have strong opinions on Lil Wayne’s sexuality and that’s fine. This article was meant as a spoof against all of them accusations and endorses the point of view that Lil Wayne has. And of course we are not homophobic in anyway.

We will keep this article updated with the latest evidence.

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17 thoughts on “Is Lil Wayne Gay?

  1. i dont think that lil wayne is gay because birdman is like a father to him so to me thats alright to kiss your “father”.you cant always believe everything people say,his lawyer could just be trying to start even more drama or something.in the video lil wayne did say my big brother,so nelly is like a brother to him.if you say to your friend that you love them,it dont mean nothing like your gay.he loves nelly like he is family.

  2. imposible esa foto puede estar editada como cualquier otra foto de famosos muxo photoshop

  3. It looks like that shit happen a long ass time ago so ya’ll need to stop and leave it in the past. None of you are fucking him and he not fucking wit yall so let the man who ever he wants to be. He making millions while ya still down hating making nothing. Shut the fuck about DAMN

  4. Why aint nobody sayin nuyhin about baby bein gay he let the man kiss him so thats jus as gay. anyway if he is gay he still spit hot fire so i dont care but listen 2 cassidy’s lets get it

  5. how can somepeople say that lil wayne aint it’s obvious he could be who the fuck kiss another man that aint gay .that’s fuckin stupid you gone kiss him for fun that’s a bomb he most be desperate if he got to kiss a man to romantic

  6. WTF!!!!!!!!! was lil wayne thinkin is he out of fucin mind kissin another man . some people might think that havin a piercin is gay to me it’s not that be of deal but kissin another man that’s a hella gay!!!!!!!!cuz them dudes that was in the background was thinkin WTF is these niggas kissin

  7. and on tha 2pac nose ring comment…it wasnt a ring it was a diamond stud and i dont think 2pac ever kissed another man…if 2pac was alive now he would hate tha fukk outta lil wayne. BTW lil wayne miss pronounced 2pacs name in a song…called him 2pakk. WHEN I SEE YOU WAYNE…CLIKK CLAKK TWO IN YA BAKK.

  8. Wayne is gay or bi either way he should come out tha closet on tha real. He got everybody blinded to tha fact he is one of tha fakest and biggest prostitutes of tha rap game. i aint trippin on tha fact hes gay i got gay fans and shit i even know of sum gay rappers tha thing is wayne is a lying bitch. when yall get tired of his stupid ass yall hit sum real music up like everybody at Legendary Exalted Records tha real voice of Louisiana and the underground rap movement.

  9. even the dudes in the backround looking like “WTF!!”
    so i don’ think that shit is normal amongst their circle of people.(given the background dudes are even affiliated with them to begin with) my man with the durag telling the cat with the headband “Yo, look at these niggas kissing an’ shit!!” LOL

  10. My mane lil wayne is far from gay, i kno plenty of dudes that have a lip ring and its nufin, juss because u got a piercin dont mean u gay…look at 2pac, one of the illest rappers out there and he had a nose ring, if you look at Tyrese he had his labre pierced…so like i said i dont see anything wrong wit it. As far as the picture goes, thats is a way of people showin there love for one another if they really fucks wit each other, plus where he is from thats normal, if thats how they wanna greet each other by all means let them do it, if it aint you then why should you have a problem with it…….juss some food for thought

  11. yea a lip ring is a lil weird but ive been on other sites where dudes are over lookin 2pacs nose ring which looked gay

  12. He probably is not that it matters but he might be. Those tight ass skinny jeans he be wearing with no shirt sagging showin his booty is kinda gay. Did u see him @ tha VMA’s yea he got a lip ring i think that hella gay too. U can also listen to his lyrics on his song “A MILLI” he says “on some faggot bullshit call em Dennis Rodman, call me what u want, call me on my sidekick”. Now if that aint gay i dont know what yall call it. But like i said before it dont matter if he is or not i just dont think he should say shit like “NO HOMO” on his songs if he is.

  13. Just look at the picture of him kissing Baby, but in a interview at TMF he is flirting with a girl who walks by, so i don’t know

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