One thought on “Jelly Roll ft. Xzibit – The Bakers Dozen

  1. Im a music executive. I have a really strong feeling that Xzibit breaking up Jelly Roll’s original team was the worst thing that happened. I like Jelly Roll’s singing. Alot is missing from Jelly Roll. I remember meeting him and his amazing production partner the year he had most of his releases, like 2002. he’s was a leader. He and his wife/production partner were the talk of the country. I overheard Xzibit saying mean things about her. That made me observe the whole situation and say “That bitch really was making Noise” and then I had to say. “Maybe Jelly Roll isn’t the leader I thought” and “Xzibit hating on a Bitch?” or woman just a term of endearment! FUCK XZIBIT AND THE BAKERZ ROLLZ HATER! XZIBIT IS A WRAP! HE FLOPPED!

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