May 28, 2007

Kurse Talks About Hip-Hop Promotion

Alright…well here’s the thang. It’s a question that’s come up lately and has peaked the concerns of certain individuals. Have artists in the rap industry and rap game gone too far when it comes to their promotions? For example…in our photo-shoots, are the guns, fully-automatic weapons, drugs, money & women too much!? I’m not going to lie or deny the fact that I’ve taken pictures with guns before…and I have female friends of mine that allow me to post pictures of them with my name written on them as a promotions tool. When it comes to the women…some girls say it’s tacky. Personally I think their hating on those females on my page…but to hell wit it…everyones entitled to an opinion right? Now the gun thang…thats my choice. But I again…use it as a promotional tool when it comes to the photos. You’ll never walk into a corner-store at night at a bad time and catch me in there stickin up the joint. That’s not what I do. But when I take a picture like that…be the gun in my hand…or held to my own head…I’m not trying to promote negativity by sayin…”Hey kids…kill yourselves” “Or go out and kill somebody.” Each photo I take has it’s own story behind it…or it’s own message. It should never…and I mean NEVER be taken outta context and be seen as a photo that say Kurse promotes these kind of deviant actions.

Personally…my pics…I want them to get attention. When it comes to checkin out my music or who I am as an artist, to do that would just take a second of your time. And if I can take a picture that’ll make you stop in your tracks because it got your attention…even raised a little curiousity…then shit…the picture did it’s job. It gets you to stop…even if for a second, and that’s what I wanted. That’s what all artists wants. A chance. A second to show you who they are and what they do. So yea…the pictures are a bit controversial…but if it’s one thing they don’t mean…it’s harm. I know I’m not the only one that has taken pics with weapons before…I know other artists underground and mainstream have used this technique before along with other eye-catching techniques. Such as an artist with half-naked chicks hanging on or around them. Drugs on the table in front of them…money in their hands or in the air. What goes on in the streets is graphic…so street artists know how take and make you a graphic picture. But it’s all about the tales we tell…nothing else.

Look…I’m sorry if some of you don’t like some of the pics I take. Trust me…it’s not on my agenda to offend you or upset any of you in anyway…but I’m out tryin to make a name for myself and grab the attention of people. And unless you’r gonna drag people in by the ear, one by one to listen to my music until the whole world knows who I am…then I can’t stop. This is part of the hustle. I love life…I would never kill myself like that. Nor would I ever take another persons life. (Unless you hurt my family…but that’s a different story…lol) It’s not what I was born to do on earth…if I wanted to be a killer…I’d of signed up for the Marines or joined the Tali-Ban or some shit. I want to be an artist…an entertainer. Someone who brings joy..light…understanding..emotions…and many many other things to the surface of peoples lives. People have said…well Rock…why not take pictures of, or rap about more positive things. Well…because I’m not Will ‘fuckin’ Smith! That’s why. Not that it’s a bad idea…it’s good to see some positive shit in a dark society…but it’s not my character or who I am. It’s not what I do. When it comes to Kurse or Rocky Good or whoever you know me as…what you see it what you get. Nothing more…nothing less.

Who knows…maybe some of you out there agree with me and understand that the pictures taken are simply for promotions of ones art and nothing more. Me…I feel that we haven’t taken it far enough. I feel there is no limit. I believe that we as artists should be able to take shit as far as it is necessary to make a mark or let our name be known. Others feel that we’ve gone way too far with it. (and yes…I do realize that rap isn’t the only genre of music that does this…but I think we get attacked for it a little more.) So please if you would be so kind…share your thoughts. What you think. Do you think we as artists are going too far…or would you agree that photography is just an art as well as music is and it’s a sensible marketing technique?

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