July 2, 2008 Lil Wayne Beef – Why Hate?

Lil Wayne Beef – Why Hate?

Lil Wayne has become one of the most controversial rappers of his day. A lot of critics and even rappers have an issue with Lil Wayne.

To say the name can provoke many reactions in the hip hop community, many of hate, many of praise and enjoyment of his music.

Let me start off by saying, I am a wayne fan, and I listen to his music more so than any other rapper, why it appeals to me, there are many answers..

I enjoy the freestyle, style, where it sounds like he just bs’in in the booth, high or not. Talking about what ever comes to mind, the bragging, the claims of being the best, the humor, the outrageous similes and pop culture references.

It can be argued, that he is not as deep or as knowledgeable on tracks as some other rappers i.e. late Eminem, immortal technique, lupe, nas, but the way I see it, he is a different character or player in the game than these others, like, in my terms, it would be like blaming a soccer defender for not scoring enough, or in U.S. terms, blaming a quarterback for not making game saving tackles, being overly deep is not the man’s style or job, he has his own duty, to rap about what he feels, and to be who he is, though, imo, he has shown he can be deep on many tracks, particularly when describing love and emotions and death, such as “its killing me”, “cry out”, “gangsters pray”, then more of his political stuff, “Georgia bush”, where he talks about the floods and the government.

To say, right now, he isn’t the hardest worker, in rap, or in music, full stop will be dismissed without a second thought. No one has produced anywhere near the amount of material in the past few years, or appeared on more features, or gained more notoriety. Appearing on Countless rappers, hip hop stars, and pop artists tracks, have all been brilliantly executed plans to gain popularity from more than one genre. One reason why he sold a million in the first week.

Now, its been said in the past few years, for an album to sell over 300,000 in the first week has the industry doing cartwheels, now times that by 3 and then some, and it gives you some understanding of what the Carter 3 has achieved. Despite the numerous set backs and leaks, he still does it and sells twice as much as the next best selling album this year, and what does he do afterwards?.. does he get big headed and stop.. na.. a line from his 3rd “a millie” remix lol, which shows how hard he works, he states……

“A million sold, first day I went gold, how do I celebrate?..work on tha Carter Fo’”

Pretty much sums dude up, who can’t admire that work ethic, sold a million, and still thinking about working, stating with diddy on his blog, about his success, “if they ask you why you work so hard… you ask them, why not?”..

Lil Wayne is still only 25, that’s crazy, still a kid really, nas, jay z, all have been around, wayne seems to have been around something similar, but he still has that energy to produce and produce and produce, tha reason he came up with the moniker “best rapper alive” is cause jay z “retired”, but he doesn’t show any disrespect to these rappers, he’s the first to say thank you for inspiring and paving the way for rappers like him, the man is genuine class, the outrageous swag on tracks is a side effect of his talent and hard work.

Your favorite rapper and artist, seems to be giving wayne praise, jay z says on mr carter.. “mic time, with my heir”, clearing stating his thoughts that wayne is the future of the game, while nas is proclaiming hip hop Is dead, (even though he still is able to produce great music), Wayne took that upon himself like no one else, as a challenge, to resurrect and give life again, to the hip hop/rap genre, and I and many others believe he has been successful.

The problem being with wayne’s swag, means it passes on to some of the more impressionable fans, leading them to portray him as the best ever, the best alive, and the hip hop heads hate this, so they denounce him, and it is now seen as “cool” to hate wayne, or like that makes it seem like you know something about rap, just cause he don’t always talk about politics, or don’t like his style or voice. Like his voice lol, I can understand if you think he hard to listen to, but his voice shouldn’t effect your opinion or make you claim he’s garbage, he just using what he giving, and claiming he’s high doing most tracks, I doubt he’s gonna have the clearest voice on every track.

The dude is lyrical. Full stop. Whether its your type of lyrics or not, he has clever lines, great similies, great references, outrageous swagger, and surprising meaning behind most of his lines. To say he a garbage rapper is jumpin on the band wagon, I admit he can go off talking ass about one thing or another, but that’s part of the charm, like he just bs’in in the street or the booth.

As far as tracks go, he’s producing heater after heater, remix after remix (and then another remix), constantly bombarding everyone with a new song, that has quotables, a high end feature star and a bumping beat. Everyone realizes wayne is hot now, so they all giving him the best beats, everyone looking to work with him, and with his dedication and determination, he is sure to make good on all these proposals and continue to make great music.

The more people hate, the more controversy, the more exposure, the more popularity, the more sales he gets, it all adds up, wayne is a smart guy, he aint claiming to be the best rapper alive, to be an arrogant ass, he doing it to create a storm, to create a topic of conversation, he says it, and he believes it, no one is doing more than him in hip hop now.

Now I would give you a list of wayne tracks to go and listen to for yourselves, but ya’ll know the deal, (I would recommend da drought 3), the small time haters on rap sites and ya’ll small time emcee’s doing there thing, check youtube, check myspace, over 100 millions views, millions of views on every video, millions of plays, dude is on another level.

So for a “talentless, garbage” rapper, he doing pretty well for himself

and he gonna keep doing till he cant do it no more…

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26 thoughts on “Lil Wayne Beef – Why Hate?

  1. Omg I can’t believe most of u dumb mutha fuckas is hatin on lil wayne so hard. Obiviously u must think that he’s doin gud , if u takin time out 2 listen 2 his music, read about him on the internet n magazines, and leave comments! Why comment on some1 if u feel as though he’s nt worth it?! Please get a fuckin life! He still gne gt money n he’s still goin 2 have fans! If u don’t like him, 2 fuckin bad, but just stop wasting ur time leaving comments if ur goin 2 say negative thingz!

  2. Fuck lil wayne, fuck all you fags who love him. His lyrics make no sense whatsoever, he sounds like a little bitch when he raps with his high and whiney voice, and honestly he is borderline retarded along with all of you fags who support him by buying his cds and paying money to see him in concert. He would definatly be on my top ten list of worst rappers ever, down there with vanilla ice. Fuck lil wayne and fuck you guys who praise him. end of discussion.

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