January 14, 2009 Papoose – 21 Gun Salute (Mixtape)

Papoose – 21 Gun Salute (Mixtape)

A new streetsweepers mixtape has been released featuring Papoose. All kinds of material from Papoose featuring 21 tracks.




01. Intro
02. The Wire (Produced by GQ Beats)
03. Hat Under My Hood (Produced by DJ Rob-E-Rob)
04. Let’s Get It (feat. Young Chris)
05. Run Down On Em (Produced by DJ Green Lantern)
06. Knowledge Is Freedom (feat. AZ) (Produced by DJ Absolut)
07. Brooklyn
08. Bitchassness
09. Six Million Ways To Die (feat. Bun B & Chamillionaire) (Produced by Stay Gettin’ & DJ Kay Slay)
10. All That (Produced by E-Dubb)
11. If You Saw Me In A Line Up
12. Take These Bars
13. We Shall Overcome
14. Get The Money (Produced by DJ Nu)
15. Baby Love
16. Street Code (Produced by Ty Sticks)
17. Dirty York Shit (Produced by Ty Sticks)
18. Graffitti
19. Live & Learn
20. Break Um Up (feat. Thug-A-Cation) (Produced by GQ Beats)
21. I Can Help You Get Off (Produced by DJ Green Lantern)
22. Kay Slay Outro


Papoose – 21 Gun Salute (Mixtape)

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