November 2, 2007

Sagging Pants – Pull Your Pants Up – Homosexuality? Column

A new track by underground rapper Dooney da Priest infers that people who sag their pants might be gay.

He is a religious rapper, for the record.

Sagging pants is a fashion style of the hip hop culture. Kids and young adults reveal their underwear. Usually by not wearing a belt and buying their jeans or shorts to big.

The song is called “Pull Your Pants Up” and has a not-so subliminal lyric. “You walk the street with your pants way down low/I dunno; looks to me you on the down low,” Dooney says.

I don’t think that lyric is that complex and apparently it use to say gay, but the Dallas Deputy Mayor Dwaine Caraway said “The thing that stood out when I heard the song was the lyric that said ‘gay,’ and changing that is what I suggested. And he did that,”

Now, Caraway who is against sagging pants is supporting the song. Despite the lyric that clearly implies that sagging pants is a sign of being a homosexual.

A couple of gay activists have came out and made statements denouncing the effort.

Both the rapper and the Dallas Deputy Mayor apologized, if the song offended anyone.

They did not mean to take shots at gays. They just meant to make it uncool.

Obviously because homosexuality is uncool.

I personally, think this is one of the most pathetic attempts to change the culture, I have ever seen.

What’s next? Seriously, even rappers Eminem and 50 Cent, talk about not having a problem with gay people. Yet, we have religous rappers, who are willing to go that far?

Candidly speaking, homosexuals are constantly degraded in hip hop, i.e, Dmx raps on the song “Where The Hood At”, “How you gonna explain fuckin a man? Even if we squashed the beef, I ain’t touchin ya hand”.

Hip Hop is suppose to be open minded and free thinking. The lack of tolerance inside the culture is frightening when we should be taking the lead on equal treatment and preventing discrimination.

How many hip hop songs will be made this year, addressing the Imus scandal, and how horrible of a man he is.

Yet, the same rappers will never come out and dennounce this “Pull Your Pants Up” song.

Actually, I am willing to predict, that this will lead to responses condemning homosexuals and make a lot of rappers very defensive.

We will see more anti-gay propaganda and more close mindedness. Unfortunately that’s the reality, and it’s very disappointing.

In my opinion, it’s not even close to being a sign of being gay, rather a bad sense of fashion.

One thought on “Sagging Pants – Pull Your Pants Up – Homosexuality? Column

  1. Sagging patns have become so engraved in our culture that most girls think guys look “gay” when they don’t sag , so I do not understand the whole gay point. This has nothing to do with the gayz and the fact that they want to bring the preacher commentz into an discriminating light iz ignorant because homosexuality is aganst christanity ,and if they have the right to publicly be gay that preacher has the right to denounce sagging pants even though it might offend some gayz. It may be the truth but the community of saggurz do not get that fact and will reject it with laughfter. To erect change we must find a new and youthful way to get the point across like create a brand new style not just making a crappy rermade version of what they are already doing.

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