November 19, 2007

Saigon Has Tough Words For Joe Budden

Saigon is ready to go to war with Joe Budden lyrically? Now, that’s interesting.


It has been bought to my attention that Joe Budden used my name in a disrespectful way in one of his punchlines on B.E.T., I understand he’s not getting the attention he feels he deserves but to try to use me to get it is a BAD MOVE on his part..I guess he’s trying to bait me into a rap battle like he’s known for doing..I have never had a lyrical rap beef because its not my thing. I beef a little differently. I know I just said I woudnt harm a person who didnt try to harm me but I feel he’s trying to harm my credibilty soooo..If I let him get away with that, EVERYONE will be dissing me in there freestyles, so again, Im gonna say sorry to Nelly and tell Joe Budden that when I see him, Im going to slap EARTH, WIND and FIRE out of HIM instead. REAL TALK..I will make an example out of him, watch.. I want him to know we have a problem, because when I see him he’s all smiles and pounds, is he that desperate for attention?Why me? Im not even hot like that yet. Maybe he’s mad I have a song with the same guy who dropped him, or that Ransom exposed his sexuality….I use to live in Chilltown Jersey city, I dont know if he’s gay but I know he WAS a RnB singer…And personally, I will let him be my first lyrical victim if that’s what he wants, but only after I beat him up. Soo he can go making his songs and get his internet soldiers behind him, but until I get him, Im quiet.. realistically speaking, he’s only okay at best…and him without a Just Blaze beat is like Popeye without spinach…whadduup Just..

The line that began this controversy.

Obviously, referring to when Saigon hit Prodigy in the face with a punch.

Illest will keep you updated with all the latest news and music from Saigon.

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