July 29, 2009 Slaughterhouse – Album Sampler

Slaughterhouse – Album Sampler

Slaughterhouse’s upcoming self-titled album will be released on August 11th. You can check out the album sampler, tracklist, and cover after the jump.




1. Sound Off
2. Lyrical Murderers (feat. K. Young)
3. Microphone
4. Not Tonight
5. The One (feat. The New Royales)
6. In The Mind Of Madness (skit)
7. Cuckoo
8. The Phone Call (skit)
9. Onslaught 2 (feat. Fatman Scoop)
10. The Phone Call 2 (skit)
11. Salute (feat. Pharoahe Monch)
12. Pray (it’s A Shame)
13. Cut You Loose
14. Rain Drops (feat. Novel)
15. Killaz (feat. Melanie Rutherford & C. Brown)


Slaughterhouse – Album Sampler

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4 thoughts on “Slaughterhouse – Album Sampler

  1. Yes. I am mad because there is a significant difference between being misinformed and being completely unaware. Like I said, your comment would have been appreciated if it didn’t have that pompous attitude — that you have demonstrated successfully again — behind it. I find it ironic that you’re willing to trash the sites traffic, yet you’re here, that is hilarious.


    I’m more than happy with 2000 unique hits a day. I challenge you to start a site and get that much traffic, plus a semi-popular forum, and a consistency that isn’t topped by that many sites with one person behind them.

    I appreciate you being on the site though man. Keep making comments.

  2. Wow… you mad? the point is, you said the tracklist and cover weren’t out. They were. That’s all I said. Sorry it upset you so much, brother. Maybe you should research your information before making such claims. I never said anything about your hip-hop knowledge though, so I don’t know how you pulled that out of a short sentence correcting you.

    I look like an ass? to who? This site doesn’t get any fucking traffic. Stop kidding yourself.

  3. You’re a real witty guy, this site has over 3000 posts. We surely don’t need your sarcasm when it comes to something as simple as mistaken information. It doesn’t benefit anyone, before I would have gave you some credit for the correction, and hell, you could have even linked me to the album cover and tracklist. And on the front of questioning my hip hop knowledge, I could take you to school any day, that isn’t to say that I’m always 100 percent accurate with the latest hip hop news. The information is fixed. Now, your comment is irrelevant and you just look like an ass. Congratulations.

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