March 30, 2008

Snoop Dogg sets up Game vs Spider Loc

Apparently there’s been an internet tussle between the two and the West Coast king wants it laid to rest.

Snoop, laughably, claims he is a fight promoter and actually wants to set up The Game vs Spider Loc in a one on one fight.

He claims “The Game…Spider…lets set this up. Get yall in a nice little ring, get some gloves, I’m the promoter”. “No pistols, no homies, no law enforcement, no cameras”. He also states “Whoever wins, we put it out on Youtube and it’s game recognize game.

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One thought on “Snoop Dogg sets up Game vs Spider Loc

  1. this shit has escalated into beef between snoop and spider joke… spi is talking greezy too snoop. but if snoop replies im sure spi will close his stupid mouth. snoop is the king of the westcoast, so spi must bow down.

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