April 8, 2009 Stat Quo – The Invisible Man – Mixtape

Stat Quo – The Invisible Man – Mixtape

Stat Quo finally releases his much anticipated mixtape The Invisible Man. Loyal members of Illest Lyrics probably already have about half of the tracks from this mixtape, but its worth the download anyway.




1. Intro
2. Invisable Man Ft. Tiffany Villarreal (Produced By Kevin Rachwel)
3. Love (Produced By Sicknotes)
4. What Can I Do (Produced By Yung Lo)
5. Real Talk
6. Kool Out (Produced By Kevin Rachwel)
7. Ladies
8. Swallow Me (Produced By Diverse)
9. Glasshouse (Produced By Kevin Rachwel)
10. Stat Quo Speaks
11. The Price Is Right (Produced By Kevin Rachwel)
12. Stylin (Produced By Dj Pain)
13. Plug
14. Beast Out The Cage II (Produced By Lyr1kz)
15. Heaven (Produced By Ill Tone)
16. Outro


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One thought on “Stat Quo – The Invisible Man – Mixtape

  1. Stat quo stepped his game up for this one his last mixtape before his first album, to bad for his first record deal he was signed to two heavy weight lables Shady Aftermath, now that he left them all these other lables are afraid to touch him because they figure if the good dr.s beats couldnt get him recognized with some eminem verses what could we offer himn that would make him marketable? any way good looks on the tapes and look out for his smoke and mirrors album out this month…. peace

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