September 7, 2008 The Game Defeats Bow Wow

The Game Defeats Bow Wow

The Game defeated Lil Bow Wow in the Madden Competition that has been hyped over the past few months.

The Westcoast rapper said “I’m the sh**, man. I don’t know what else to say,” after he finished the match with an impressive 55-23 victory.

His opponent quickly made excuses ““I don’t care what they say, It was in the snow, first of all,” and called out the game for a rematch ““That n**** gotta come to Ohio now. He gotta come to Ohio. I’mma get all my homies. It’s just gonna be him, five of his homeboys, and like 20 of my n****s, 50 of my n****s. Now, he gotta come to me, n****. And I still get more girls than this n****.”

In reality, none of it matters, but 100,000 dollars is going to charity, so that is great news.

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